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Businesses today face a highly competitive and rapidly changing global marketplace. With instant availability of competitive information, there are no safe niche business opportunities. All businesses must compete every second of every day to survive. How you position your business to adapt to these changing markets is the essence of a winning strategy for your corporation.

ISBN# 1414002033
275 PAGES $21.95
Published: October 2003
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QuickStrategy unlike many other books on business strategy written by educators and consultants who offer elaborate theories on the subject, offers step-by-step guidance that takes business strategy into a working plan of action. This book will show you how to identify those forces changing the size and shape of your markets and let you anticipate their effect on your business. This book will let you continuously stay one step ahead of your competitors and identify the actions you must take to survive and flourish in your markets.

QuickStrategy offers the following benefits to your strategic planning process:

FAST RESULTS: Less than one week to first strategic plan
CONCISE FORMAT: Two-page strategic plan format is easy to use and focuses concepts
ADAPTABLE: Enables real-time on-line updates to reflect changing market conditions
HELP AVAILABLE: Free on-line start-up support at www.quickstrategy.com

Darwin observed: “It’s not the intelligent who survive, It’s not the strong who survive, but those that adapt to change.”

QuickStrategy is a tool you can use every day to keep your business favorably positioned, adapting it to continuously changing markets.

About the Author
Bruce R. Robinson has 27 years of experience owning and managing small high technology businesses and has directed business development activities at two New York Stock Exchange companies.