The QuickStrategy Team of Advisors

Bruce R. Robinson

Chairman and CEO, QuickStrategy Corporation. Mr. Robinson has over 30 years of operations management and senior corporate level experience in the electronics, electro-optics and engineering services industry. His experience has ranged from directing corporate development, strategic planning, and merger and acquisition activity at New York Stock exchange companies to managing small electronic instrument and engineering services companies. He is the Author of: Strategic Acquisitions: A Guide to Growing and Enhancing the Value of Your Business, and QuickStrategy: A Proven Method to Focus and Guide Your Business in Rapidly Changing Markets.

Education: BSEE/ MBA

Focus Areas: Electronics, Electro-Optics, Engineering Services, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Training

Chuck Travelstead

Managing Advisor: Mr. Travelstead has over 30 years of very diverse experience in small and large companies including senior management positions in a Fortune 1 company (domestic & international). He has worked on three continents allowing broad exposure and training in cultural acceptance, wide range of management and operating systems/environments. Experience includes: operations, manufacturing, construction, engineering, senior management, Chairman of Board of multi-national operating companies, Board Director of captive insurance company, Chairman State Personnel Board, Advisor and Sr. Executive for Private Equity companies, Board Director of Not for Profit’s and Trade Associations and startup/acquisitions/sale of multiple companies as an owner. Significant experience in advising owners and boards in ways to improve their operations and market strategies to maximize the value of their company and position themselves for future organic and acquisition growth.Education: BS Mining Engineering/Finance

Focus Areas: Mining/Minerals Recovery, Oil/Gas/Oil Sands, Electrical Generation, Construction Management, Engineering Services, Manufacturing, Labor/Management (Union/Non-Union) Issues/Structures, Mergers and Acquisitions, Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Facilitator/Mentor to business professionals.

Robert C. Bellemare

Senior Strategy Advisor: Mr. Bellemare has diverse management experience as a CEO in an energy services business, startup businesses, sales and marketing management, and electric utility company corporate development. As a former managing director of a public utility energy services company, he had full profit and loss responsibility and led the utilities entry into states with newly deregulated electricity markets, including California, Pennsylvania, and Texas. With a Masters degree in Power Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and over 17 years of utility related experience, Mr. Bellemare is uniquely qualified in areas of business diversification, restructuring legislation, organizational structures for competitive environments, business strategy assessment, and technology R&D.

Education: BSEE/MSEE, PE

Focus Areas: Utility Services, Utility Operations, Regulated Industry Services, Power Generation and Distribution, Market Intelligence

Jon T. Brock

Senior Strategy Advisor: Mr. Brock has experience as a COO of a utility services business, with a focus on IT services and strategic intelligence. He also has experience in utility business design, business plan development, utility metering services, outsourcing and infrastructure design and development. As Director of CSW retail services, Mr. Brock directed the activities of a large public utility as it entered into the competitive retail energy markets.

Education: BS, Management Science and Computer Systems, MBA

Focus Areas: Utility IT Services, Market Intelligence, Outsourcing, and Marketing

Henry Cygan

Senior Strategy Advisor: Mr. Cygan has 30 years experience in operations management, project management, and corporate level management in technology based businesses. He has directed businesses in the offshore oil industry, construction engineering, project management software, and transportation industry. He has strategic planning and corporate development experience with small start-up businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Education: BSChemical Engineering, MSOE

Focus Areas: Construction Engineering, Structural Engineering, Engineering Services, Environmental Services, Oil and Gas Exploration, Software Development

Nicholas C. Kaufman

Senior Strategy Advisor: During a 40-year career in energy, telecom, environmental and defense markets, Mr. Kaufman has managed (as President, COO, CEO) more than a dozen companies, large and small, domestic and foreign, startup and mature, publicly and privately held. Additionally, he has served as Director of several companies and is co-owner of two small manufacturing companies. Mr. Kaufman was first introduced to the fundamentals of the Quick Strategy in 1977 and since then has commissioned, prepared and/or reviewed several hundred strategic segment plans using these methods and this format. These have enabled profit enhancement, restructuring to meet changed markets and analysis and incorporation of acquisitions.

Education: BS Physics/MS Engineering Science

Focus Areas: Defense Industry, Environmental Services, Telecom, Energy

Kenneth Macek

Senior Strategy Advisor: Dr. Macek has more than 35 years of professional experience in new business management, corporate management, business strategy development, due diligence, and market research in domestic and international markets. He has founded and managed three international management services companies and one environmental services company. He has developed strategic plans for Fortune 200 companies and provided business strategy training to start-up businesses. His experience includes key management and support roles in biotechnology and life sciences companies, environmental services firms, international banking, and risk management services firms.

Education: BS/MS/PhD

Focus Areas: Biotechnology, Banking, Risk Management, International Market Development, Environmental, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Peter Murphy

Management Training and Development: Mr. Murphy has over 25 years of experience in the area of management training and development in areas ranging from banking to high technology manufacturing and services. He has developed extensive training seminars in the areas of strategic planning; implementing strategic planning, change management, performance management, team development, and acquisition integration.

Education: BA/MA

Focus Areas: Management Training

Walter Peterson

Senior Strategy Advisor: Mr. Peterson is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with more than 35 years experience in senior financial management positions. For 12 years he managed a private equity program for the U.S. Small Business Administration. He had direct oversight responsibility for a portfolio of limited partnerships with total committed capital of $4.0 billion. He has experience in all aspects of private equity investing, including selection of general partners, approval of capital commitments, portfolio valuations, exit strategies and risk management. For more than 20 years he worked in the brokerage industry as a New York Stock Exchange approved supervisory analyst specializing in the analysis of technology companies and markets. He evaluated merger and acquisitions transactions for investment bankers and institutional investors. He serves as an industry arbitrator for NASD Dispute Resolution. Co-author of Strategic Acquisitions: A Guide to Growing and Enhancing the Value of Your Business.

Education: BS Psychology and Mathematics.

Focus Areas:Private Equity funds, Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture-backed small businesses.

Robert J. Schultz

Senior Strategy Advisor/ Trainer: Mr. Schultz has over 35 years of experience in technology development, manufacturing and product distribution, program and project management, training and curriculum development, and sales and marketing. His experience covers both commercial and government business services and manufacturing with extensive experience in alternative energy technology, safety analysis, satellite control, electronic instruments, and government project management. He has directed government proposal activities resulting in multi billion-dollar projects and started two technology based businesses and managed $25 million/year electronics manufacturing businesses. He has specialized in training technologists in the area of business development and strategic planning with over 40 publications in program management, nuclear clean-up, alternative energy, satellite control systems, radiochemistry, business development, and tech transfer.

Education: BS Chemistry

Focus Areas: Government Services, Manufacturing, Energy, Electronics, Project Management, and Management Training