A proven method to
guide your business in
rapidly changing markets.

A proven method to
focus your people and resources
on strategic objectives.

Senior advisors who
provide instant, on-line support and
update strategy-relevant information.


QuickStrategy Corporation is an on-line, real-time support organization dedicated to helping you guide the future of your business to winning business strategies at the lowest possible cost. We offer our customers a simple, market-focused strategic plan format that gives immediate insight into the strategic opportunity or barriers to growing their business. Supported by our research team and senior strategy advisors we keep our customers aware of changes in their markets that may present a new opportunity or require a shift in strategy to react to competitor or external market factors. We are dedicated to the concept that strategic planning should be real-time, market-focused, and continuous in order to guide and focus our customers in today’s changing markets

Our corporate headquarters is in New Mexico, however our staff is distributed throughout the United States to maximize their access to customer information and maintain minimal overhead costs. In addition to the founder, Bruce R. Robinson and his direct support staff, we have 14 senior strategy advisors and their direct research staff, all with experience in managing business operations and using the QuickStrategy methods in their businesses.

Our secure data center is located in Idaho and designed to be immediately accessed by our customers and our senior advisors. In order to assure customer data security, only the customer and their assigned advisor have access to the customer’s strategic plans.

We also have one-day and three-day training programs available under the direction of Peter Murphy, a management-training specialist with over 20 years experience in QuickStrategy related management development. These training programs are designed to keep our customers and their management teams focused on market-driven change and the opportunity it offers for the growth and success of their business.

Our business is designed to bring experienced, senior strategic advisors and planning information to the aide of our customers at a minimum cost.